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Apply for the Partner Program

An exclusive program for hand-selected artists to gain access to curated Gamma products and experiences, opportunities to in-person galleries and showcases, discounted and complimentary access to events, and more.

Exclusive Access

Exclusive access to our art-focused product, Prints: Be among the first to explore and influence the future of digital art and collectibles with private creator access to this new offering.

Priority Placement

Get prioritized placement for your art at real-life showcases, galleries and events hosted and sponsored by Gamma, from Bitcoin Conference to Art Basel Week and beyond.

Custom & Verified

Select your preferred display name and a custom URL/slug on Gamma. You'll also earn a verified checkmark so collectors know you're part of the Gamma Partner Program.


Complimentary, discounted, and early access to events: Engage, learn, and connect at industry events with special perks, meetups, and experiences just for our artist partners.

Premium Support

Enjoy monthly 1:1 calls with the Gamma team and a special place in our partner-only Discord channels, so you can network, promote, and collaborate with other independent artists.


You could be our 'Partner of the Week' and get an exclusive feature on our social platforms and newsletter, plus other opportunities to have your work and creative process showcased.

Prints Art Book


Program details

The Gamma Partner Program launched on September 1st, 2023, with an initial debut lineup of artists, hand-picked and invited by the Gamma team. 

Applications are now open, and artists accepted in the program are announced on the 1st of each month. 


Are there any costs to join the program?
No. This is a free, exclusive program for creators on All benefits and experiences are provided by Gamma.

Do partners remain part of the program for life?
As of now, each partner accepted into the program will receive 12 months of program membership. While we may turn this into a permanent program membership, we feel this will be the best way to get started.

Will Gamma add or update benefits in the future?
We'll closely monitor feedback from artist partners and may add or update benefits from time to time. Let us know what you'd like to see!

Are there any rules or ways you can be removed from the program?
While we hope to never have to remove a partner from the program, we will do so if an artist breaches our terms of service or causes harm to other artists or collectors of their work. Program membership is maintained at Gamma's sole discretion.